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Want to ...

... share files with clients?
... build a file sharing site?
... collect files?

Then ysendit has the right infrastructure for you as we operate our own file sharing service. We rent it out as a white labeling product tailored to your needs. Read more about features and try it.

Downloads under your brand

You can adapt the download page to match your style. Place a website or an image in the background that is shown by default and show your own logo. 

Users can select which files they want to download and can preview nearly any file directly on the download page.

Uploader that suits your page

You can embed an upload widget into your existing website and place your website in the background of the default upload page. We upload files chunked and 100% client side resulting in fast upload speeds.

Example image


Chunked client side upload

Files get splitted in small pieces that are simultaneously and directly uploaded.

Partial download

User can select which files he wants to download and only these files get downloaded and zipped.

Previews for many formats

50+ file types can be previewed on the download page.
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Admin panel

View usage charts, downloads and transfers, manage them and configure the instance.

Privileged access

Restrict access to upload and / or download page to specified users.

Flexible monetization

Show ads by Google AdSense and offer premium plans for ad-free experience.

Commenting & annotation

Let users comment files. A comment can reference specific areas of the file, making collaboration more efficient.

Compatible tech stack

ysendit builds on standard s3 buckets, SMTP protocol and so on.

No ressource limits

We don't limit your space or download bandwidth, you pay what you use.

Enterprise-grade security

ysendit uses encryption and our servers are completely locked down. 

DSGVO ready

Our own consent management solution lets users choose which data they want to share. Admins can gather new consent if a legal document is changed.

White labeling

Adopt the uploader, download page and admin panel to your needs.


Try ysendit for free and choose from our plans later. You only pay for the storage space you use.


$0 14 days

  • 10 GB of storage 
  • max 100 GB traffic
  • One privileged access user included *
  • Mail support
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  • $0.009 / stored GB / Month
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No egress fees
  • One privileged access user included *
  • Mail & phone support
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  • Bring your own s3 bucket 
  • Bring your own CDN
  • One privileged access user included *
  • Mail & phone support
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Compare plans

Trial Cloud Dedicated
Price per additional privileged access user *
$8/mo $8/mo
Connect own domain
Connect own SMTP server
Connect own s3 bucket
Connect own CDN
Simple code adjustments

* Pricing applies only to the users with privileged access. If you don't use privileged access, you don't have to pay.

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