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What makes
ysendit social?

ysendit is a fully free file sharing service powered by you and others that love to send files. We believe in making file sending as easy and as comfortable as possible. That‘s why we put file sending in focus and don‘t ask you to subscribe to a monthly plan.

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ysendit is designed to provide you with easy, fast and secure file sharing.


Your Transfers belong to you. Customize every aspect of your download pages. Upload your custom logo and link it to your own website. Select an image as background for the download page or put your website in it.


Your recipients will love to download your files. Hovering over your shared files will show almost every file inside the browser without the need to download the files first. Your files get cached in a Delivery Network resulting in optimal download speeds.


Privacy and data security by default. All data transferred with ySendit is AES 256-Bit encrypted. To enforce more security, you can protect your downloads with a password and let Transfers auto-expire once all have downloaded.

Share how you like

You can either share a link to your files or automatically email your recipients the download link. Personalize your transfer by leaving a personal message to your recipients and get notified when someone downloads your files.


A selfhostable version of ysendit will be available soon.

Equipped for heavy workloads

Best optimized to scale. As you upload files, they are split into smaller parts that are uploaded to different servers simultaneously. This way, ysendit can serve an unlimited amount of user requests at the same time.

Concurrent uploads
Large files
Up to 5 TB per file
File duarbility
of 99,999999999%
Distributed at edge
101 locations
Fast download
Up to 200mbits
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I'm Niklas Weber, a computer science student based in Germany. ysendit is my first larger project I have developed over a longer period of time.

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ysendit is fully funded by donations and relies on your contribution. You enjoy sharing files with ysendit? Then support us by leaving a rating to keep easy file sharing running.

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